An article on "What actually college is ?"

An article on "What actually college is ?"

First of all who are reading this ,i want to ask u a question that are u happy with the studies you are doing in your college?? Mostly will say no.....But why we are not happy with what we are getting in our college....this is all we wanted ....we dreamed from our early age that we will someday go to college and study over there and then we will become "Engineer","Doctor",or whatever.....

Let me tell you my story when i came in First year of engineering i thought that i am going a National Level College and i have been chosen through tough competitive exam's the most of the students over there will be innovative or there will be a great Competitive environment as i have seen in my last three year's of the coaching i want to tell one more thing i was such a dumb student before i went to coaching classes that none of my school teachers treated me as Intelligent Boy ....but when i went to coaching classes ,on my first day there was an Introductory Class in which we have been given some pamphalte and founder of that told us that u have to follow this for whole 2 year's.At first glance i was shocked just because according to it u have to sleep only six hours and for others activities 5 hours have been provided i.e rest 13 hours u have to study......i was completely shocked , i asked question to myself "Rest is ok , but how can i study 13 hours and that for complete two years??" ....this question arised in my mind because i have never studied more than 2 hours in my life till then
Below is the snapshot of that i found on internet

.....So i started thinking that i will not be able to give entrance exam's in my two year's as they are less for me ...i need at least one extra total of 3 year's i will need that time i have only spent around 15 days in coaching but a perception has been created in my mind that i will not be able to clear exam's .....woh kehte hain na "agar pure mann se kuch soch lo toh woh puri ho jati hai".....So i was not selected in competitive exam's i moved back to coaching now i have study whole syllabus of mine which i thought i cannot complete in 2 years i have to complete same syllabus in one year but this time i didn't thought even for single time that i will not succeed .....this time amazing things were happening ....i got the teachers who motivated me and inspired me to work harder....this time i was having less friends but hard working friend's .......i also started meditating[i don't know whether it was meditation or not ,but some inner voice started coming out automatically]....i slowly after some months start coming in to the topper's  list[i still remember i scored 9th rank for first time and i was very happy]and  i was on the nearly same rank every time after that.....some downfall's also came but they were adjustable.....that time i thought it can only be God's Grace [and it was God Grace] that a stupid child like me whose use to spend his dozen's of minutes in solving that quadratic equation's is scoring amongst highest marks in mathematic's and other subjects finally before leaving coaching classes our teachers said to us "You don't worry about selection ,you will be selected , people only think about scoring good rank".... i became over-confident and that was the biggest mistake of my life .....and i'm still facing consequence of that ....Although i was selected but i was expecting much better rank ..... I got 16780 in JEE and 18288 in AIEEE .....a rank after 15000 was considered was just like "nothing" in kota where i have done coaching but here in this college i was the second position holder.....and  when i came in to my college ....wait...wait..wait....i missed about that terrible days between my exam and my first day in college ....they were around 3-4 months and in the mean time ,i was having no work to do ,and after spending 3 years in Kota i used to feel more comfortable alone than to be with my friends i used to stay at my home mostly i used to sleep more than 12 hours and breaking all records i have made in last 3 years....i became more fatty and dumb now decided that i am going to this college i bought a laptop and said to laptop shop owner"Bhaiya aache graphic card wala laptop main jakar game khelunga"[at that time i was just a n00b in computers]

so finally arrived at college.....played lot to game in my starting day's and done each and every class .....rarely i have missed any class at that time.....but one day  one of best friend of kota....his name was Modi Ji[he was an inspiration for me because he can solve even tougher problem's of mathematic's so easily even Greatest Teacher of Calculus in kota used to appreciate him and also he used to tension free always ...this quality of him impressed me a lot]...we were having a normal conservation....and suddenly he asked "what are plans for future?".....and i thought oh shit!! i have to plan for my future too for a better i just changed the topic and finally our conversation stopped....that night i thought "what i am doing to myself that life for what i have came to college[i mean game's can be played at home too but why i'm wasting several lakhs of rupees for just playing and staying in this stupid hostel and eating that Shitty food]

....i was in deep tension that night that as now i have became the same child i was three years back....." i have to take a decision .....and my mind said "what decision ???....u can't do anything so go to sleep"....and i replied to that negative thoughts"this time i will not be captured by you"  i have decided that day "I will try to do my best always".....and i from that day onwards i haven't played games too much or watched movies.....then slowly slowly i started to browse over the internet and start finding what field i can choose in future .......oh ..wait ...wait ...i'm studying in a national college right ???.....and it has been 3 months and none from our seniors or teachers have told anything how to proceed in future .......teachers used to come in the class everyday and used to tell different type of thing's about them:-
"Mere subject pichle saal waalon ki bahut back hain","main joh padhayun sirf wohi likh kar aana,aur kuch likh kar aayoge toh marks nahi milenge","75% attendance nahi huyi toh back laga dunga","Assignment time par de dena warna marks nahi dunga".......these were more threatning this was my first semester so i followed what they said and once again forgeted what i have thought to study[pehle semester clear karo bhaiya phir kuch karna] none of them even told anything about what u can do ...not a single person ......everyone just talking about marks and assignment it was first time in this kind of environment ,i was feeling like where i am....i was feeling from inside that something is wrong within me or with the environment around me....this was because of continuous classes from 8:30am to 4:30Pm[oh yes!! it has that one hour break in which we have to eat that BullShit Food]and after that my body was used to become like hell....i really need sleep after that to keep my body well and so in the whole day i used to only get 3-4 hours for my personal study.[that to very rare]....So let's now imagine in 24 hours of time i only studied 3 hours literally .......oh ..wait .....most interesting thing about my  college till then was that my hostel was not having an internet connection at that i used to sit in the balconies of the other hostels and that too in opened now i came in my second semseter ,i thought now things may change but they got even new teachers started added more threatening lines "main aa jaaun toh uske baad class main mat aana"....and to prove that they know something they used to ask such question which we haven't studied yet like "batao stdio.h library file main kaun kaun se fuction hain".....we used to be blank....and they to consider this as their achievement......

so i have started my own path by remembering what my teachers in Kota ......teachers used to be the same ...absolute no difference ....hardly any student understand what teacher used to say and niether they understood what they were teaching......but sab marks aur attendance ke chakkar main pade huye the aur abhi bhi hain.....and one more thing about people over here was that if u want to do something ,then people around you will pull your legs and put you at the same place as you were.....i have sometimes also tried to make a community so that we can study together and produce effective result,but all in vain ....then someday i rode a line over internet "If u will advice a fool he will hate your forever but if you advice a wise person he will appreciate you" i thought let's forget about this and study alone ....this worked ....but at last come question arises in my mind every time "why we would pay lakhs of rupees for studies we do not want to study,for the environment we do not want to live ".....can't be there universities in india which focuses on particular field like "Sports","Information Security",.....why don't universities in india don't teach Information security.....can't we the first nation to start in InfoSec....i want to tell u one thing that most of the security researchers are from india[if u don't believe u can go to major website security page and u will find many indian names].....the only question come to mind is why ...why..why....we can't have such type of education
that none is having ....universitites in india are runnng outdated courses ....

it has been around 20 months in my college till now and they are not able to teach even a complete language.....let me tell you interesting things about my department .....I have choosen Computer Science and Engineering in my in my first semester out of 7 subjects only one was of computers that also only taught us "what is CPU,what is monitor,what is printer,what is scanner"....oh Common man !! even a 5 year kid know what all this is .....six months wasted the next semester out of 8 there were only one subject again....that taught us the basic syntax of c....i'm an ICSE board student i have completed most of my java in 10th ...they were regular subject of java in 9th and 10th class which was around 4 years before i came to the college .....and i found  school teachers were more better than these one year wasted imagine in one year before i had completed two year's course in a single year but this year nothing ....nothing at all......and now the 3rd semester arrives ....this time the situation was worst than ever ....there was no internet connection for around 3 months out of 5 months of semester .....hostel were so dirty for around one month that even a dog refuses to go in to the bathroom.....wait...what a dog??....oh!! yes i forgot to tell you that our hostel's are so open that even dog and monkeys are considered more respected than us....even the dog refuses the food we are forced to eat in your mess......

Universities think that after taking the money from the student there work is over the only thing they have to do is sit and relax...... joh koi awaaz uthaye usko back lagane ki dhamki dedo..........the there is no difference between these people and corrupt politicians of india .........I don't understand one thing that student have paid the fees ,then why student are not being provided facilities for what they have paid ......let me tell u situation over here ....we have internet facility in all the labs but we  do not have internet facilities in hostels where student need the most.....our department are so cleans but our hostels are so unclean that if u will walk barefooted in hostel balconies then then your foot will become completely black......we rarely see sweepers cleaning the hostels....the food they have provided is so worst that none of the person can remain happy after eating that....It is written somewhere that food affects brain ....good food lead to a mental stability....when i used to eat in kota ,the food was fabulous ...when i or any other person used to eat it...a new energy used to come within .....

As from this article i want to point that how rubbish is, most Indian universities system is....
problem in this education system is that it is very closed should be as open as it can .....what's the difference between a top level college and this college is about environment......i'm not saying that teacher's should teach everything as they also cannot as because they haven't studied that .....because of generation gap they have studied different things which are mostly outdated.... teachers can at least show us the path which anybody can tell who is having some experience even a lab assistant........authority should talk to the student's what is right for them and how they can work more productively.....And the most important thing ,if a student is willing to do something extra than regular studies then he/she should be left as a free bird.....Because a beautiful flower can only be grown in open air not in air-tight box.....

Thank's for reading this and i hope u enjoyed it....feel free to  leave your comments .. =D

Pentester Academy Web Application Challenge 12 Solution

First I Downloaded the file from the Challenge Page...
then i unzipped file using command - unzip ...
then we can see that there are three files apache.key,apache.crt,https-sid.pcap
below is snapshot of file when opened in you can that all transaction are over SSL.....
so now i will create a apche.pem using command- cat apache.key apache.crt > apache.pem
now apache.pem file can be used to decrypt the traffic
now go to Edit>Prefrences>Protocols>SSL
Now add a new RSA key list with field's as given below
And then press Ok and u can see HTTP packets in wireshark 

Pentesteracademy HTML Injection Challenges Solved.

Challenge-16 HTML Injection 1

This was a simple one just input "><h1>@exploitprotocol</h1><xss input=" in Email field.

Challenge-17-First i tried to insert "><h1>@exploitprotocol</h1><xss input=" in Email and password but it was stripping the value's so i thought to comment out remaining portion.
so i inserted Email- "><h1>Vunerable<!--
                   Password- -->to+HTMLi<!--
and it worked.

Challenge 18-In this the following webapp analysis binary file and show the result i downloaded the file from the url and using the hex editor i replaced "This program cannot be run in DOS mode." with "<H1>Vunerable to HTMLi</H1>" and uploaded the file on dropbox[]

Challenge-19-In this webapp it display's the metadata of the .jpg i downloaded then changed the software field of the file using software PhotoME .then pasted the link and it worked.

Overall all the challenges were pretty easy and were having different concept behind each Injection.

Pentester Acadmey Web Application Challenge 10 Solution

First I Intercepted the request using Burp Proxy...
then response say's to set session-id value to  1049 .........i request the page many times but it only responded with session -id between 1000-1100 ...
so i used burp intruder and payload as the session-id value from 1000 to 1100and finally i found

Pentester Academy Web Application Challenge 11 Solution

This Challenge was one of the good challenges i have seen on this site till now.
below is the snip when i first time visited the page...
 there is cookie value over here ....when i forwarded the request the response set the cookie with field s1,s2,s3,s4,s5 to some values and when i again requested the page s1,s2,s3,s4,s5 values change to something else
what i find is that s3 value have only first two digits different than any other s3 value all digits of s3 are same.

so then i used Burp intruder with first two digits of s3 as payload 

Pen Tester Academy Web Application Challenge 13 Solution

First I downloaded the pcap file the using tcpxtract i extracted all the files from pass.pcap file
What i found is a file which is password protected.
To crack that file i wrote an python script to create all possible combination of password's

It will Create a password.txt file ....
Now cracking file using fcrackzip tool
 fcrackzip -D -p password.txt -u
Password for the file is abc132
now it will create a file pass

Pentester Academy Web Application Challenge 8 Solution

When I first opened the page there was no kind of login or authoriztion, i intercepted the request using Burp Proxy and found that one cookie with the field user id is thereand seem to be like base64 encoded so i decided to decode it.
 I found decode as MA== ,i decode it once more....
final value found to be 0 .So...i thought if 0 is the user_id value for the Guest .....why not try 1 as i encoded 1 then again encoded the result and finally modified the request using burp proxy